Monday, January 17, 2011


If only I could find my own faults, as easily as I can find everyone else's around me. I might just become a man I'm happy to be. I just need to think a little less negatively, I might just be a little closer to thee. No sir I don't disagree that a change needs to happen within me, but sin is so easy to see  unless it involves gregory, then I'm blinded by pride I admit its worthless to hide it. I'm sure this honesty is appalling, I've been telling the world I know them better than I know my  myself. Ridiculous idea? I need some help.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

hard to get? forget it.

i dont play 'hard to get' i am actually hard to get im the best you've ever met. I got chicks on my right and ladies on my left and it's up to me who I'm going to pick. So please put your bickering to rest. We all know gregorys is the best you ever going to get. I know you say I'm on a ego trip and I'm just not that hip or attractive to be as cocky as this, but you just wish you was riding this (my life that is) with me cuz I'm just as legit as anybody there ever was or is. Now please go your dismissed.