Friday, July 8, 2011

my thoughts.

four years ago
I would like some success.
I would like some happyness.
I would like some love.
I would like some stability.

I would really like it if you stopped  the failing.
I would really like it if you stopped  the hurting.
I would really like it if you stopped  the braking.
I would really like if if you stopped  the instability.

I made it threw the failing,
I really love the success.
I made it threw the hurting,
I really love the happiness.
I made it threw the braking,
I really love the love.
I made it threw the instability,
I really love the stability.
Thanks for teaching me.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I once saw my life for what it could be eventually.
A arch carved out by the winds of time.

I once saw my life for what I perceived it to be.
A kite that always fell, due to things I cant control.

I once saw my life naively as a fairy tale.
A Disney movie that always ended perfectly.

I once saw my life as one full of regrets.
A mistake is made, and sorrow takes its place.


I Am already a arch inside,
I have something that can help another.

I Am a kite that has highs and lows,
I have a heart to hold me down, guiding me threw the storms.

I Am a Disney movie's night in shining armor,
I have the potential to love a woman though and though.

I Am a man thats full of regrets,
A man that learned from them.


My friends lately have told me i've grown up, at first i didn't know how to take it. Then last night a friend said this about me and everything finally clicked and i realized what being "grown up" was.
"your always happy and have a smile on your face now, and its not from teasing or doing something immature your actually happy:"
Swimming suit.
            Last night i realized i had finally grown up, yeah i'm still a punk and a tad bit immature but im finally happy with life, I've got plenty of worry's and sorrows but there came a point in my life where i decided to see the upside. life will always have downs, I will always have insecurities, I will always have days where I feel lonely, I will always have days where I doubt what my purpose in life is. No matter what "it" is I will always have something to battle against, and thats where my mind used to always stay in that clouded insecure haze. Then I realize there is one thing that breaks apart the despair, Its the process of learning from experience, no matter what i drag my body and spirit threw I will always be able to learn something new, and I will always come out a little better than I was before. So no more sad Greg upset with his disposition in life. I'm content with life and i cant wait to live every minute of it. Even the sad, worried, hurt and depressed times.

Monday, January 17, 2011


If only I could find my own faults, as easily as I can find everyone else's around me. I might just become a man I'm happy to be. I just need to think a little less negatively, I might just be a little closer to thee. No sir I don't disagree that a change needs to happen within me, but sin is so easy to see  unless it involves gregory, then I'm blinded by pride I admit its worthless to hide it. I'm sure this honesty is appalling, I've been telling the world I know them better than I know my  myself. Ridiculous idea? I need some help.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

hard to get? forget it.

i dont play 'hard to get' i am actually hard to get im the best you've ever met. I got chicks on my right and ladies on my left and it's up to me who I'm going to pick. So please put your bickering to rest. We all know gregorys is the best you ever going to get. I know you say I'm on a ego trip and I'm just not that hip or attractive to be as cocky as this, but you just wish you was riding this (my life that is) with me cuz I'm just as legit as anybody there ever was or is. Now please go your dismissed.