Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I once saw my life for what it could be eventually.
A arch carved out by the winds of time.

I once saw my life for what I perceived it to be.
A kite that always fell, due to things I cant control.

I once saw my life naively as a fairy tale.
A Disney movie that always ended perfectly.

I once saw my life as one full of regrets.
A mistake is made, and sorrow takes its place.


I Am already a arch inside,
I have something that can help another.

I Am a kite that has highs and lows,
I have a heart to hold me down, guiding me threw the storms.

I Am a Disney movie's night in shining armor,
I have the potential to love a woman though and though.

I Am a man thats full of regrets,
A man that learned from them.


My friends lately have told me i've grown up, at first i didn't know how to take it. Then last night a friend said this about me and everything finally clicked and i realized what being "grown up" was.
"your always happy and have a smile on your face now, and its not from teasing or doing something immature your actually happy:"
Swimming suit.
            Last night i realized i had finally grown up, yeah i'm still a punk and a tad bit immature but im finally happy with life, I've got plenty of worry's and sorrows but there came a point in my life where i decided to see the upside. life will always have downs, I will always have insecurities, I will always have days where I feel lonely, I will always have days where I doubt what my purpose in life is. No matter what "it" is I will always have something to battle against, and thats where my mind used to always stay in that clouded insecure haze. Then I realize there is one thing that breaks apart the despair, Its the process of learning from experience, no matter what i drag my body and spirit threw I will always be able to learn something new, and I will always come out a little better than I was before. So no more sad Greg upset with his disposition in life. I'm content with life and i cant wait to live every minute of it. Even the sad, worried, hurt and depressed times.