Friday, August 29, 2014


Goodbye, Greg is a mess. Its been good. I've wrote a lot since 2006 and I think only one out of ten posts I actually published. I don't know if my thoughts and feelings I've had through life the past six years helps anyone but there's a chance so I'll keep this blog up. These words helped me through a lot of life I never thought I'd have to live. I'm smarter of course but more importantly I care about others a lot more and my drive to be a good father has pushed me to make hard choices, all were worth it. My future is bright my heart is open and if I feel the need to express myself again it will be in a new place. I am no longer a lost mess, in fact I'm alot  less of a mess. This is the end of the quarter life crisis. Cheers!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Being happy is a state of mind that cannot be achieved by life's accomplishments. It is a state of mind independent of bad and good things in our lives. Everyone says live in the moment, live for now. The problem with that is when we do that we are constantly reacting to life's high and lows. Lets choose to instead to live forever, not just for the moment. Let's view our life in the long run. What do we want to feel like when this earth takes our last breaths away? I want peace in that moment and the only way to achieve that ultimate goal is to banish out reactionary behaviors. Whether its to life's lows or to the highs and not shun missteps of the past but hold them close as something we can learn from.