Friday, February 22, 2008


so i pretty sure im going on a mission and leaving this summer. it just feels like the right thing to do i hope my neck and health holds up, my week has been pretty uneventfull stupid people. i went to ikea today with my momie i got some pretty cool cheap stuff that store is always eventfull! i had to work on yearbook three hours today since people dont do there stinking work ugh. very frustrating. i still have a school boy crush on a girl its pretty retarded maybe ill let her know before i leave on my mission or maybe not i really dont want anything to do with dating intill i come back oh one odd thing im scared to let my parents know my plans for the summer cuz its all they will talk to meabout is that insane? they would be so proud of me but i dont want it if i had it my way they would not know intill the day i leave am i crazy? every day i wonder that very question here i am sitting on a friday night cuz i dont have any need of going out a socializing with people. so i decided to listen to some meatal winds of plague this week it ponders me why anyone likes that crap i like angst in music thats why i like hardcore punk but when its screaming you cant understand and completly over the top whats the deal its a complete joke.

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