Sunday, February 22, 2009


I now see the world for what it is a mix of liars and hypocrites their disguised as fiends or saints where no one changes they only switch through lanes chasing the fastest way,wanting to get there today but ive come to realize thats not my way. happyness comes slowly its a long hard road and im not there yet some might say i'd get the feeling of reget but im over with it so take off your bets, i now see life for what it is a tide of highs and lows and were we end up nobody knows i see my life as a kite in one gust im above all of us then i fall without notice.

I forgot the string that was there all along, I forgot the man holding on guiding me threw so when a headwind's there forget despair, I have him to fall into. Happiness isn't hard to obtain, it doesn't require a journey, it doesn't take a long hard path, it comes in the way you react. If I only understood that there was someone here, looking after me even when i was unaware. The time has come to know that man, trust in him and do what I can not to dwell on the liars or the hypocrites, but look at the daring who took a chance and learned from it. I'm keeping in my mind thoughts of men and women who tried, i cant stand by and pretend to be on my own with no final direction in mind. Ive tired that and it doesn't end with a claim sublime life, it leads to a lost man with no one by his side.

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