Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I once saw my life for what it could be eventually.
A arch carved out by the winds of time.

I once saw my life for what I perceived it to be.
A kite that always fell, due to things I cant control.

I once saw my life naively as a fairy tale.
A Disney movie that always ended perfectly.

I once saw my life as one full of regrets.
A mistake is made, and sorrow takes its place.


I Am already a arch inside,
I have something that can help another.

I Am a kite that has highs and lows,
I have a heart to hold me down, guiding me threw the storms.

I Am a Disney movie's night in shining armor,
I have the potential to love a woman though and though.

I Am a man thats full of regrets,
A man that learned from them.

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