Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This is a karst landscape you can see that the  land is bumpy from spots of the earth decaying underneath the surface, these landscapes cause sinkholes and all types of mischief. (This post may seem incredibly random and boring but i do have a point, and its a pretty rad and insightful one so please continue reading.)

 This is also a karst landscape in china, the top of these mountains at one point used to be equal with the land, over time the land changed from a prairie to mountainous all from riding itself of unstable, and ungrounded dirt. In time when all the dirt was washed and sunken away there came to be beautiful and tall mountains. The amazing part of this was the mountain was already there but no one knew it.

Our existence should be the same as these mountains we all have a mountain in our souls, we all have a glorious purpose in our life, we all have something in our souls that is as strong as solid rock. Our life is a constant struggle to rid us of our imperfections. Were born into the world a prairie and our goal is to leave a mountain. We cant become a mountain by rising up above our prairie we can only become one by looking inward, our mountain is already with us. Its not something we create its something we discover. To become a mountain is no easy task it takes pain and struggle to find out who we truly are. It takes losing the parts of us that we mistook for rock. It takes years of loss and discovery but if we don't spend all our talents and ability's to rid us of our imperfections then we put sentiment on our mountain top and prairie. We then can to easily lose sight of what makes us, us. I never want to lose my vision I want to find out what i have in me to make a mountain.

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