Thursday, May 15, 2014


The tan line is gone from my hand. The feelings have at last fallen flat. Alone is a comfort now not a fear. It strangely is the emotion I have come to find strength in.

So where to turn next? I had plans for a future but those blueprints ended up landing at to the bottom of the sea.  What does one build when its all gone, what does one do for help going in a new direction?

Luckily I have a compass beyond explanation. My heart shines brightly toward the direction it shows and the northern stars have always called my name. If I follow the way in the end I won't end up short and my sins will be forgiven. This is what I find peace in.

I once said  "i now see life for what it is a tide of highs and lows and were we end up nobody knows" I now know that is a lie. 

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