Wednesday, June 26, 2013

life, wow.

I saw a man die this week while doing my favorite activity mountain biking I wrote this, it helped.
I didn't know Allan but I got taught about a dozen things over his passing. I learned that I have the priesthood and should always carry consecrated oil with me, and give a blessing whenever the thought comes to my mind because you'll never know what good can come from it. That man who had his oil on him and ready to bless right when he saw your father in trouble is a amazing example of not hesitating the lords call .

Threw the saddest experience of my life i received a experience i can not deny that there is a soul within our bodies. I never have felt like I was able to do great things. I had to come home from my mission early because of bad anxiety and OCD stuff, I never would I have ever thought I could experience what I have the past week and make it out normal and okay. He taught me that my worth is more than I ever thought it was and I'm capable of handling a lot more than I thought. I learned I should never listen to music that stops the spirit from talking to me because none if it would have happened to me if I just picked a different song to play in my headphones. I learned about death and how it can bless someone else's life forever and when I pass I hope I'm able to give at least some of the things your father gave me to somebody else needing an experience to test them and draw them closer to The Lord. Thank you Allan Egbert I'm looking forward to getting to know you and telling you thank you for helping me to see the world as a much better and hopeful place than I thought it was last week.

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