Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Half staff

I get a knot in my gut every time i hear of a shooting, i've gotten a bigger gut the past two weeks from all the knots i've got on my drive back and forth from uvu to south Jordan. I am seeing flags at half staff too often these days...

Now for my rant if anyone shoots or hurts anyone without provocation they are mentally ill, this shouldnt be any news worth reporting.. The attacks will always be preformed by the mentally ill, i guess two things could have happened to them to put them in these bad situations..they either didnt have access to help or refused help.

I propose a new idea of reporting and talking about these horrible situations, instead of diagnosing the illness of the villains making it public and placing blame on it. How about we look instead at what we are doing wrong as a country with our views and attitudes about mental illness that would block the sick from wanting to get help. Sure we could blame it on guns but there's always ways for those in pain to inflect their pain onto others, sure its bad health insurance that doesn't cover these people but there will always be people too stubborn to ever get help. Even with these walls up against us in this battle I think we could try harder to help these people before it escalates to national and/or local tragedy's, lets stop trying to make sense of it! We can never make sense of it. Lets just help make our communities a little more helpful, a little more loving, a little less judgmental and when tragedy strikes reevaluate what were doing as a culture and be humble enough to make the needed changes.

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