Saturday, April 19, 2014

Without this bad knee I wouldn't have a good one

"Thinking back on thinking forward,
always thought I'd be further than i ever am. 
Without this bad knee i wouldn't have a good one, 
These vices don't hold me down
They... carry me."

I am not a victim of circumstance, divorce is not how I define a life well lived or well ruined. I have the power to take my vices (insecurity, negative thoughts and actions) and turn them into what will carry the weight of my struggles I am going through. My insecurities are not holding me down anymore they are carrying me through this. I am coming out of it stronger, better and more closer to my savior. I will admit the hardest part of failure is the expectations others had for your life, the easiest part of failure is know there is  unwavering friends and a savior they will continue to help me. I know that there's still a plan for me to make a positive change in my life and the lives around me. I'm not as sad as one would expect because I have a firm belief that you get what you give into things. I gave my all and I came out knowing myself better than I ever have, now I finally like who I've become.

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