Sunday, June 29, 2014

Career assessment.

In 10th grade I took a test that was supposed to show what I should be when I grow up, it told me I should be a bike shop owner! The economic outlook was something about 35,000 a year with a small market growth. I thought cool, I guess. I am employed as bike shop worker now but I have no desire to just run a bike shop the rest of my life. My life is up in the air something that's liberating but fills me up with fear at the exact same time. 

The bike shop owner is something I can poke fun of because it was a computer telling me to be someone not  a real human so there wont be any hard feelings. I have realized this type of planning ahead is counter productive to success, not only to worldly success but the success of my soul. When I made hard set plans in the future for all the big things I ended up making these huge decisions and grandiose visions based on the knowledge that I only had in the moment then. When the time really comes and I get to the point of actually having children or any other big life decision my future self will be more experienced. He will be more knowledgeable and hopefully more mature. 

I still believe I should be moving forward becoming prepared for what will enviably be the next step in my life. The best way for me to do this is by firmly fallowing the morals my heart knows to be true and not giving into others perceptions of what I am, or giving to what others believe I am. This is a realization that has helped me understand the mind that is Greg over the past summer. I over-think, over-plan and over-stress about where I am going to go from here, here is now the future is then and if I was to make goals for a future self to live by I would be selling my future self short. How do I know I'll be wiser in the future? Because I've been a whole lot dumber in the past. I'm going to let the wiser man make the choices he needs to at the proper time. 

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